People are becoming addicted to their digital displays, propelling such trends as lack of sleep, social media addiction, digital distraction, the second screen phenomenon, jumbo TVs and phablets.

Robot Love

Pepper robot

Robots are taking over. The industrial robotics market will reach $21 billion in 2015, while service robots have invaded the hospitality and retail markets in both the U.S. and Japan.

8 Most Innovative Designs at CES

8 CES Designs

The technology industry now knows the importance of good design in product success. Among the thousands of innovations shown at CES, these eight stood out with outstanding design.


Sony Xperia Ultra Z

Apple reinvented both smartphone and tablet. But when users decided they wanted convergence, Apple was not ready. Today, phablets are the fastest growing segment of the smartphone market.


Pope Selfie

The smartphone is behind another trend, the self-portrait or “selfie.” Proving that selfies are a cult hit, a telescoping wand designed to help smartphone users take better selfies is now the “hottest gift.”



Jay Leno, Jessica Simpson

The Rodney King beating is the point of departure for the Voyeurgasm Ubertrend, which points to a future where just about everything will be captured by smartphones or surveillance cameras.

Hospital Scam

Hospital Scam

U.S. hospitals are inefficient, lack price transparency, bill wildly varying charges for routine care and absorb $8.3 billion each year due to lost productivity and increased patient discharge times.

LED Lighting

Beijing LED scroll

Propelled by high-profile innovations and new laws, LED lighting is poised for spectacular growth. LED lights offer major energy savings, an ability to change into millions of colors, plus smart features.


Memory Protection

Memory Protection

In an age of endless multitasking and information overload, memory has become a fungible asset. This will make the business of remembering one that is not easy to forget.


High Definition Makeup

Hi-def makeup

The Digital Lifestyle Ubertrend is affecting cosmetics. High definition makeup has captured the imagination of consumers because it promises to withstand the microscopic scrutiny of HDTV.


Darwin on Steroids

Darwin on Steroids

There’s little doubt that the human body is changing under our very eyes. Human evolution is accelerating, leading to bulkier athletes, taller people and ever more precocious young people.

Yoga Culture

Yoga style

Yoga is now practiced by more than 200 million people worldwide, including over 100 million in India and 20 million in the U.S., more than triple the number compared to 1994.


Jawbone UP3

No trend is more in vogue these days than wearables, a technology kickstarted by the Fitbit Classic and further ignited by the Pebble Watch. Gartner predicts that 90 million wearables will be sold by 2016.


Control Freak

Control Freak

The Unwired Ubertrend is spurring another trend: Control Freak. Spurred by a freedom from wires and spoiled by the instant gratification of technology, people are demanding ever more control.


Casual Living

Blue jeans

The Casual Living Ubertrend has made jeans and t-shirts the global uniform. It is also responsible for a gradual decline in decorum, leading to road rage, trolling, and brutal fights, all captured on video.

Celebrity Worship Syndrome

Oscars Ellen Degeneres

One third of Americans are obsessed with celebrities, leading to a modern affliction dubbed Celebrity Worship Syndrome. This voyeurgasmic trend is being propelled by the rapid proliferation of smartphones.

Energy Drinks

Energy Drinks

The Time Compression Ubertrend has made on-demand energy a requirement of daily living. Energy drinks, which got their start in the 80s, are now a $27 billion industry hoping to pump you up.

Drinking Coffee

Starbucks store Aruba

Interest in coffee has soared 31% in 10 years, creating a $70 billion global market. The trend is behind the fortunes of Keurig, Nespresso and Starbucks, which today is a $16.5 billion global brand.

Legalizing Marijuana


In 18 years, 23 states plus the District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana. Two states have approved its recreational use. Now 52% of Americans say the drug should be made legal.

Connected Home

GE Aros air conditioner

Everybody wants to have a smart home. The interest in connecting devices in their homes will drive Americans to buy 36 million smart devices and 3 million hubs to manage them.

Chez José

Chez Jose

There are 54 million Hispanic people in America. They cook your nouvelle cuisine, your French food. Few own restaurants today but expect more to do so in the near future.

Drones (UAVs)

Parrot Bebop drone

After its consumer debut in 2010, drones have helped locate missing persons and shoot remarkably informative videos. According to the FAA, 30,000 commercial drones will ply the skies by 2020.

Cyber Insecurity


The Sony hack is a preview of things to come. We’re in a cyber war and the enemy is already remarkably adept at infiltrating business and pilfering more than 500 million financial records.

Digital Lifestyle

LaCie Christofle

As technology becomes more tightly interwoven with the fabric of life, humankind is evolving. So much so that Americans are cutting back on other expenses to afford more digital gadgetry.

100 Mac Applications We Can’t Live Without

Pixelmator 3.0

Apple’s innovative Mac has attracted some of the best software on the market today, unfortunately that rarely gets due credit. Here are 100 outstanding apps.


CRM on the Mac


In an age of social networking, it’s imperative to maintain an impeccable list of your social media contacts. Unfortunately, CRM on the Mac is not easy. Here’s how we do it.


Mattress Innovation

Tuft & Needle

There is no industry more bedeviled by smoke and mirrors than the U.S. mattress industry. Luckily, there are two innovative startups that are reinventing the way mattresses are sold.

Middle Class Squeeze

I Love Lucy

The American dream is getting squeezed like a roll of Charmin bathroom tissues with no Mr. Whipple in sight. The median income for a male full-time worker in 2010 is virtually unchanged from 1973.

India Style

India style

Indians now rank only second to Hispanic- or Spanish-surnamed actors on American TV, despite making up less than 1% of the U.S. population. Expect India Style to invade even our cocktail party food.

Time Compression


Life is accelerating, which is ruled by the Ubertrend of Time Compression. We’re all busy and multitask to save time. As a result, the attention span of human beings is steadily declining.



Although banned in 44 states, driving while texting continues to play havoc with our short attention span. Enamored with instant gratification, we’re willing to risk death and injury to stay in touch.


Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

In November 2007, launched Kindle. By July 2010, Kindle book sales surpassed hardcover books. But Americans are reading less, 70% have not visited a book store in the past five years.

Small Homes

Stanford Start Home

Can you live in an 800-square-foot home? Many Americans will soon. U.S. homes are getting small, driven by a flat economy, wage inequality, millennials living in cities and aging Baby Boomers.