Cobalt Valkyrie Co50

Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie in flight

Cobalt has introduced the Co50 Valkyrie, a high-end aircraft inspired by fighter jets. The Valkyrie is the fastest private aircraft in its class, able to travel at up to 260 knots, compared to 242 knots for similar aircraft.



People are becoming addicted to their digital displays, propelling such trends as lack of sleep, social media addiction, digital distraction, the second screen phenomenon, jumbo TVs and phablets.

Robot Love

Pepper robot

Robots are taking over. The industrial robotics market will reach $21 billion in 2015, while service robots have invaded the hospitality and retail markets in both the U.S. and Japan.

8 Most Innovative Designs at CES

8 CES Designs

The technology industry now knows the importance of good design in product success. Among the thousands of innovations shown at CES, these eight stood out with outstanding design.


Sony Xperia Ultra Z

Apple reinvented both smartphone and tablet. But when users decided they wanted convergence, Apple was not ready. Today, phablets are the fastest growing segment of the smartphone market.