HP Spectre 13


We love laptops so much that aficionados at NotebookReview have given it the oh-so-cute diminutive “lappy.” The innovative new HP Spectre 13 ($1,170) qualifies as our latest seductress with her beautiful lines and very sexy copper accents.

Tesla Model 3


Tesla announced its innovative Model 3 electric vehicle on March 31. According to Tesla, pre-orders have already reached 325,000, which is equivalent to $325 million in pre-order revenues and a potential $14 billion in eventual sales.

CES 2016 Innovations

Sony PS-HX500

The Consumer Electronics Show is an excellent beacon of tech’s future. Here’s what was trending sharply at this annual Las Vegas innovation extravaganza: Virtual reality, 4K Blu-ray, action cameras and, yes, believe it or not, turntables.

Ubercool Innovation Awards

Devialet Phantom Ubercool award winner

Ten new innovations were added to the Ubercoool Top Innovations showcase section. Simultaneously, we are announcing the debut of the Ubercool Innovation award, which was created to honor innovative new award winners.

Devialet Silver Phantom

Devialet Silver Phantom

Major audio speaker innovations were last introduced by the likes of Bose, Dahlquist, Magneplanar and Quad in the 70s. A company called Devialet is sending shockwaves through the audiophile community with its innovative line of Phantom speakers.

Destination Medical Center

Destination Medical Center

If there is one industry where a mega dose of innovation is painfully necessary, it’s healthcare in America. A group of forward thinkers has proposed the Destination Medical Center — a $6.5 billion plan to turn Rochester, Minn. into the Fountain of Wellness.

Cobalt Valkyrie Co50

Cobalt Co50 Valkyrie in flight

Cobalt has introduced the Co50 Valkyrie ($699,000), a high-end aircraft inspired by fighter jets. The Valkyrie is the fastest private aircraft in its class, able to travel at speeds of up to 260 knots, compared to 242 knots for similar aircraft.



People are becoming addicted to their digital displays, propelling such trends as lack of sleep, social media addiction, digital distraction, the second screen phenomenon, jumbo TVs and phablets.

Robot Love

Pepper robot

Robots are taking over. The industrial robotics market will reach $21 billion in 2015, while service robots have invaded the hospitality and retail markets in both the U.S. and Japan.