Michael Tchong ideation, trends

Welcome to our simplified site. Every few years, we review how our digital outpost has evolved and ubercool version 14.0, the previous iteration, had clearly become too complex and unwieldy, making our innovation and trends content hard to navigate and updating a major challenge. So we scrapped it all and are beginning from scratch.

You too should periodically review your product and service offerings and try to simplify not only your line up but also your messaging. Does it still reflect what you’re trying to convey? Is it serving a need? Does your brand look and feel remain approachable?

In a world where complexity has become the norm, it’s increasingly evident that a new mantra of simplicity has to start somewhere. As The Wall Street Journal reports, in 1980 the typical credit card contract was about 400 words long. Today, many are 20,000 words. Is that really necessary?

So we’re kicking off a K.I.S.S. campaign. Eliminate unnecessary gimmicks, as we did, because the typical visitor spends just 75 seconds viewing the average web page. Harmonize your life by getting rid of clutter as Marie Kondo advices. Simplicity pays off. Just ask the the world’s most valuable corporation.