Top 10 Innovators

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Like that year-end ritual where some organizations claim to be able to pick the hottest trends of the next year, some market watchers compile lists of the top (fill-in-the-blank) most innovative companies. As much as trends do not adhere to calendar years, innovators defy ranking. A few weeks ago, Fast Company did its best to try to shoehorn 50 companies …

Smart Home

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Everybody wants to have a smart home. The interest in connecting devices in their homes will drive Americans to buy 36 million smart devices and 3 million hubs to manage them.

Pioneer Rayz: When Opportunity Knocks

Michael Tchong innovation

Apple’s decision to remove the audio port from the iPhone 7 resulted in a public outcry of world-ending proportions. To some Apple aficionados it was armageddon meets invasion of the headphone port snatchers. But as any creative individual will tell you, problems spell opportunity. And so Pioneer this week launched its Rayz headset that adds a Lightning port to its …