Introducing: A New Book by Michael Tchong


How Trends And Innovation Are Transforming Our Future

Ubertrends examines eight driving forces behind the vast majority of trends and innovations taking place in society today. Ubertrends are massive waves cascading through society, leaving many subtrends in their wake. The Digital Lifestyle Ubertrend, today's biggest wave, propels a host of subtrends. Unlike typical trends, Ubertrends are changing America's values, which explains why the Digital Lifestyle is contributing to permanent behavioral changes. Ubertrends helps readers connect the dots, by providing more context for how the future is developing. Other Ubertrends described include Time Compression — The Acceleration of Life; Unwired — Control Enthusiast Generation, Generation X-tasy — Been There, Done That, Voyeurgasm — I Like to Watch; Fountain of Youth — Preservation of Body, Spirit and Environment; and WAF — The Ascent of Woman.

Big Picture Topics


Explains cultural shifts and societal trends that are a key underpinning of innovation success.


Showcases innovative brands that leverage Ubertrends to alter the competitive landscape.


Surveys the technology landscape, which is responsible for the lion’s share of all trends.


Tracking consumer insights is a key function of marketing. Ubertrends helps brands do it better.

Michael Tchong: Innovation Speaker

Michael is an entrepreneur, cultural anthropologist, author, innovation speaker and adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco. Michael has founded four companies, including MacWEEK, Atelier Systems, CyberAtlas and ICONOCAST, all riding early market waves. He heads up ubercool INNOVATION, an incubator and consultancy agency focused on reinventing user experiences.

Michael’s Startups


Exceptional Insights

You’ll be spellbound by Michael’s uncanny insights, including his deft portrayal of these eight, remarkable Ubertrends, supported by extensive and persuasive evidence in the form of charts, tables and images that will both thrill and astonish you.


“American author Katherine Anne Porter once wrote: ‘If you don’t aim for the stars you’ll never hit the bell tower.’ You aim for the stars, and I hear bells ringing all the time.”

Arynne Simon, Speechwriter, Personal Coach and Team Builder


“Michael’s research writing is data-based, intuitive and persuasive.”
Scott Cooke, Founder, Intuit

Most influential

“The most influential trend-spotter in America…”
The Daily Telegraph, U.K.


“This [CyberAtlas] is incredible.”
Doug MacKenzie, Partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers