How Trends And Innovation Are Transforming Our Future

A tsunami is coming. And the world is unprepared. Ubertrends lets you dive into eight huge waves that are crashing into the future. It’s a data-based study of the fast-flowing currents of change caused by technology, evolving consumer expectations and disruptive innovations — the result of an intersection of eight Ubertrend forces that are transforming society in profound ways.

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Ubertrends is a new-age textbook full of mind-bending insights into shifts in consumer behavior. In a world that urgently demands more innovation, it’s crucial to master the tidal wave of value changes engulfing society.

Ubertrends Content Highlights


Paints a detailed tableau of massive cultural waves responsible for major changes and value shifts in society.


Showcases how innovative brands leverage Ubertrends to alter the competitive landscape.


Explains disruptive role of technology in Ubertrends and why they conspire to drive a majority of societal trends.


Provides a new perspective on how humanity is evolving and the impact of trends and innovation on the future.


Standardized leadership and innovation stragegies and practices.


Combined innovation and entrepreneurship book with historical context.


Showcase of management and product innovation strategy case studies.

Market Research

Fully footnoted marketing research and consumer behavior book.


“Loved it! 😍 As technology and culture undergo the largest transformation in history, Ubertrends helps us understand this trajectory and what’s to come.”
Stefan Kløvning

Book Reviewer, Reedsy

“Everything you need/want to know about technological trends and innovation. Michael has packaged everything that is interesting in emerging and developing trends into one book with interesting facts and stories. This book is amazing!”
Roxanne Hernandez

Director, International Diploma Programs, UC Berkeley Extension

“Michael’s research writing is data-based, intuitive and persuasive.”
Scott Cooke

Founder, Intuit

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