Big Mouth Billy Bass v2.0

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Big Mouth Billy Bass v2.0

Those of you old enough to remember the “nefarious nineties,” might recall a trendy wall hanging dubbed “Big Mouth Billy Bass,” which, along with foosball, was a decorative “must-have” of hip executives everywhere.

Well, that talking fish is being repurposed by no one less than Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, continuing his nidiculous strategy of infiltrating your living room in any shape or fish-like form.

Big Mouth Billy Bass (no pricing available) will now intone Alexa’s female voice and add a fishy twist to your connected home commands. I hope that Big Mouth Billy Bass will recite a fish tale when you blurt out “Alexa tell me a joke” on a dull evening.

You might think this is all pretty weird, which this video readily confirms, but you have to admit that having a decorative fish tell you the weather is quite innovative. And that’s what creative reinvention is all about. • 410 Terry Ave. North • Seattle, WA 98109

Can a fish tickle your fancy, %FIRSTNAME|UPPERFIRST%? 😻 Read our take on the Connected Home trend.

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