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A month ago, I reported on Wal-Mart’s deal with August enabling deliveries inside your home. As expected, this innovation received quite a bit of pushback. Last week, what was a trickle became a fast-flowing Amazon river.

The e-commerce juggernaut introduced Amazon Key ($250 for Prime members only), which consists of a surveillance camera and a Yale smart lock, that takes the August/Wal-Mart announcement up several notches.

While Prime members can purchase the Amazon Cloud Cam surveillance camera separately for $120, the Yale smart lock combination adds a cloud-based authentication system that provides extra security for in-home delivery.

Once a driver requests access to your home, Amazon verifies driver, address plus delivery time, and instructs Amazon Cloud Cam to start recording as the door is unlocked. Delivery drivers never receive access codes or keys.

Amazon’s announcement came right on the heels of a disruptive $20 surveillance camera by Wyzecam and the outdoor Nest Cam IQ ($349), which relies on Google’s AI-driven FaceNet facial recognition technology.

Nest charges $10 per month for 10 days of video storage plus the facial recognition feature. If you can live with 24 hours of video playback, Amazon’s AWS cloud storage is free. For seven days of playback, it’s $7/month or $69/year.

Best of all, Amazon Key installation is free in the 37 metropolitan areas currently served. Now you know why Jeff Bezos just passed Bill Gates to become the world’s richest person. Innovation pays. • 410 Terry Ave. North • Seattle, WA 98109

Have you heard of my Voyeurgasm Ubertrend, %FIRSTNAME|UPPERFIRST%? 😳 Well, you can rest assured that one day everything will be digitally recorded.

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