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It seems fitting that in a year that saw the rich get richer, a free stock-trading app, called Robinhood, would be a “fintech” innovation standout. Fintech is a contraction of financial technology — a sector that has attracted more than $120 billion for its 1,000+ startups. And the investment pace is quickening.

Robinhood raised $110 million at a $1.3 billion valuation. Its unicorn status cemented by 3 million members and 17% monthly growth of its revenue-driving Robinhood Gold subscriptions.

Its mobile app features an elegant user interface that makes signing up effortless. Worried that your social security number is required? Fear not because, thanks to Equifax, all your data is doing the rounds of the hacker underworld anyway.

Robinhood is representative of a new echelon of mobile-first applications that prove that there is plenty of demand for innovative and seamless user experiences.

Robinhood Markets Inc. • 3200 Ash St. • Palo Alto, CA 94306

Will you use Robinhood to steal from the rich, %FIRSTNAME|UPPERFIRST%? 😁

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