Ubertrends — How Trends And Innovation Are Transforming Our Future


Ubertrends is a graphic and eye-opening exploration of eight fundamental forces powering the vast majority of trends and innovations today. As these massive waves cascade through society, they leave many subtrends in their wake. By ushering in change and disruption, Ubertrends change population values, leading to permanently altered behavior.

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“Ubertrends — How Trends And Innovation Are Transforming Our Future” is a visual, eye-opening exploration of eight massive waves that are reshaping humanity, accentuated by the forces of innovation. An Ubertrend is a gigantic wave, think tsunami, that cascades through society leaving many subtrends in its turbulent wake. What sets Ubertrends apart? An Ubertrend causes fundamental changes in societal attitudes and values. Most trends merely skim the social surface. Besides population changes, Ubertrends open doors for disruptive innovations while propelling game-changing new business trends. The world’s permanently altered consumer behavior provides immediate context for how our future is evolving, setting the stage for new waves of breakthrough innovations that further recast it. In nine riveting chapters, you will learn more about these unique life forces:

Digital Lifestyle — Marriage of Man and Machine

Fountain of Youth — Rejuvenating Body, Spirit and Environment

Generation X-tasy — Been There, Done That

Time Compression — The Acceleration of Life

Unwired — Untethered and Unfettered

Casual Living — The Evaporation of Decorum

Voyeurgasm — I Like to Watch

WAF (Woman’s Acceptance Factor) — Ascent of Woman

Innovation — Reinventing Business and Life.

The most significant wave is the Digital Lifestyle, Marriage of Man and Machine. The computer is mimicking us, and we’re becoming the computer. Don’t believe it? When you tire you “crash.” Another growing consumer trend is Time Compression, The Acceleration of Life. Time Compression has made life a blur, turning our state of mind into a state of time. This Ubertrend traces its roots to 1940s Massachusetts with the invention of the Polaroid camera and Raytheon microwave oven. These Ubertrends are described in data-based detail, providing an unadulterated look at current trends in consumer behavior against a remarkable backdrop of today’s fastest-growing consumer and technology trends.

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