Connected Home

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You know that the smart home innovation has arrived when a CES 2017 exhibit hall in Las Vegas is teeming with Alexa-driven or other platform-connected air purifiers, mattresses, refrigerators, toasters, toothbrushes, trash cans and even an innovative connected hair brush, the Kérastase Hair Coach! Google acquired Nest in January 2014 for $3.2 billion, signaling that the “connected home” or smart …

Apple Watch

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The “wearables” field was already on fire when Apple threw its hat into the ring in 2015. In classic Apple fashion, the company reinvented the category, from interface to Apple Pay, downright to the intricacies of attaching watchbands. When Apple designer Jony Ive stated that the Apple Watch could endanger Switzerland’s traditional watchmaking industry, many industry watchers dismissed the boast …

Technivorm Moccamaster

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Disclosure, I was Dutch-born although now I’m a dyed-in-the-wool American, but despite that inherent bias, I will give you my dos centavos of the Technivorm Moccamaster, a highly rated and accomplished coffee maker born in the Netherlands. When I first received the Moccamaster and set it up, I was actually disappointed. The coffee didn’t taste any better than an old …


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Amazon has changed the way America shops. In September 2016, Bloomberg reported that more than half of U.S. online consumers begin their product searches on’s site or mobile app. That was an early distant warning. America’s retail establishment was not prepared for what was to happen next. As of Spring 2017, some 2,671 major U.S. retail stores will be …

Amazon Echo Look

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One of the biggest challenges innovation consultants and speakers face is the “tyranny of the installed base” — as legendary founder of Ziff-Davis, Bill Ziff, liked to put it. Retailers eagerly listen to innovation presentations or participate in interactive workshops, but once again Amazon rewrote the rules of retail innovation with the launch of Echo Look. The tyranny of the …

Devialet Silver Phantom

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Major innovations in audio technology were last introduced by the likes of Bose, Dahlquist, Magneplanar and Quad in the 1970s. But a French company, Devialet is causing big bass vibrations throughout the audio industry with an innovative line of speakers called Phantom. The audiophile speaker market is a relatively staid business, especially when compared to its complementary electronics counterpart, think …

Pioneer Rayz: When Opportunity Knocks

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Apple’s decision to remove the audio port from the iPhone 7 resulted in a public outcry of world-ending proportions. To some Apple aficionados, it was Armageddon meets invasion of the headphone port snatchers. But as any creative individual will tell you, problems spell opportunity. And so Pioneer this week launched its Rayz headset that adds a Lightning port to its …

CES 2016 Innovations

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The Consumer Electronics Show is an excellent beacon of tech’s future. Here’s what was trending sharply at this annual Las Vegas innovation extravaganza: Virtual reality, 4K Blu-ray, action cameras and, yes, believe it or not, turntables.