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The obesity epidemic is threatening to tip scales all over the globe, propelling a trend dubbed “globesity.” In the U.S., four in 10 Americans, or 39.8%, are now obese, up from 13% in 1960.


Michael Tchong Fountain of Youth, Innovation

As you may have read, microcurrent innovation is all the rage in health and beauty. If you’re wondering when the day will arrive that your skin regimen involves using an iPhone app, wonder no more that day is here. ZIIP ($495) uses electrical currents to stimulate a skin chemical called adenosine triphosphate, which biologists describe as the “energy currency of …

K-Beauty: DeepSkin Anti-Aging Mask

Michael Tchong Fountain of Youth, Innovation

If you drive a Kia, own a Samsung TV, smartphone or perhaps a refrigerator too, you’re well on your way to living ”Gangnam Style.” The Korean invasion doesn’t stop there. You’re going to hear a lot more about “K-Beauty,” because South Korea is about to invade your health & beauty regimen, if DeepSkin ($220) from Insung Information Co. is any …