Smart Cities

Smart Cities

From the earliest days of the Mesopotamians, humans have been searching for ways to improve shared spaces, usually creating a central square around which other structures were built. But no civilization has had the benefit of developing city innovation around a digital square — the backbone of the smart city trend. But first what is a smart city? A smart …


In 1971, U.S. Congress halted federal funding of a next-generation supersonic transport, dubbed the “SST.” It was one the dumbest acts ever perpetrated in the name of the American public, holding the aviation industry back for half a century. Forty-six years later, a glimmer of hope for faster air transportation has arrived thanks to Denver-based Boom Technology. After the successful …

Cobalt Valkyrie Co50

Cobalt has introduced the Co50 Valkyrie ($699,000), a high-end aircraft inspired by fighter jets. The Valkyrie is the fastest private aircraft in its class, able to travel at speeds of up to 260 knots, compared to 242 knots for similar aircraft.