InstaBeauty: How Social Media Is Transforming Makeup

InstaBeauty AR app from YouCam

The experiential nature of social media has had a significant impact on the $200 billion global cosmetics market. The popularity of selfies has turned social networks like Instagram into the new Tupperware party. I first wrote about the impact high-definition TV was having on the beauty market back in 2009. That trend has accelerated due to the proliferation of smartphones, …

Grayfields: The Retail Downtrend

The headline is telling: “ Toys ‘R’ Us Is Prepping to Liquidate Its U.S. Operations.” How could a retailer that first opened its doors in 1948 implode so spectacularly? It’s a manifestation of the “Amazon Factor,” which is turning the retail landscape into a gray graveyard. The closures are mounting. Business Insider predicts that 3,600 stores in will close in …

Smart Cities

Smart Cities

From the earliest days of the Mesopotamians, humans have been searching for ways to improve shared spaces, usually creating a central square around which other structures were built. But no civilization has had the benefit of developing city innovation around a digital square — the backbone of the smart city trend. But first what is a smart city? A smart …


Modern technology and a shape-shifting societal landscape are conspiring to accelerate the maturity process of children, this is trend called — KAGOY — Kids Are Getting Older Younger.


The obesity epidemic is threatening to tip scales all over the globe, propelling a trend dubbed “globesity.” In the U.S., four in 10 Americans, or 40%, are now obese, up from 13% in 1960.

Small Homes

Can you live in an 600-square-foot home? Many Americans will soon. U.S. homes are poised to get smaller, driven by a financial constraints and downsizing baby boomers.

Connected Home

You know that the smart home innovation has arrived when a CES 2017 exhibit hall in Las Vegas is teeming with Alexa-driven or other platform-connected air purifiers, mattresses, refrigerators, toasters, toothbrushes, trash cans and even an innovative connected hair brush, the Kérastase Hair Coach! Google acquired Nest in January 2014 for $3.2 billion, signaling that the “connected home” or smart …

Yoga Culture

Propelled by life’s mounting stresses, a by-product of the Time Compression Ubertrend — the acceleration of life, the practice of yoga has exploded in the past 40 years. Yoga is now practiced by more than 200 million, according to the Hindustan Times (26-Jan-13) people worldwide, including over 100 million in its country of origin, India. Yoga Journal’s “Yoga In America” …

India Style

Indians now rank only second to Hispanic- or Spanish-surnamed actors on American TV, despite making up less than 1% of the U.S. population. Expect India Style to invade even our cocktail party food.

Influencer Metrics

In the early 90s, the founder of Sidney Frank Importing Co. hired 20 young women, dubbed “Jagerettes,” to visit bars and use a spray gun to assist customers in gulping down Jägermeister. The tactic reaffirmed the power of marketing aimed at influencers who can propel emerging brands. In 1997, Sidney Frank once again relied on an influencer outreach program for …