How Trends And Innovation Are Transforming Our Future

A new book by Adjunct Professor, Entrepreneur and Speaker Michael Tchong

Ubertrends examines eight major forces behind the vast majority of trends and innovations reshaping society today. Michael Tchong’s latest book describes these massive waves in scintillating detail, showing how each one cascades through society, leaving many subtrends in its wake. Unlike most trends, Ubertrends change world values, leading to permanent behavioral changes. Portrayed in this preview chapter is the Digital Lifestyle Ubertrend, which is today’s biggest wave. Download this beautifully illustrated preview to discover why Ubertrends will be riveting from start to finish.

Innovation News

June 22, 2017Innovation, ,

Apple Watch

The “wearables” field was already on fire when Apple threw its hat into the ring in 2015. In classic Apple fashion, the company reinvented the category, from interface to Apple Pay, downright to the intricacies of attaching watchband...

June 22, 2017Innovation, ,


Airbnb has ushered in the concept of “home optimization,” offering homeowners the same opportunity to boost cash flow the major airlines have enjoyed for years, a disruptive innovation. The option of staying in someone’s private dw...

May 14, 2017Innovation,

Innovation 101

We are in the midst of an era of sweeping change, with major challenges to address, such as poverty, and new planets to explore, like Mars. With all of the recurring talk of change and reinvention, it’s a given that the word innovation...

May 2, 2017Innovation, , ,


Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is a visionary man. His Starbucks vision has catapulted the company to the exalted position of the world’s No. 1 coffee retailer. Today, there are some 25,572 Starbucks stores worldwide and in 2016 Starbuck...