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Apple iPhone 8

Today is the eight day of the eight month, so it’s quite apropos to be talking about the upcoming iPhone 8. Thanks to a strategic leak on Apple’s part, we now know all the innovative details, a month before it’s announced.

But first a question. Is the person responsible for this leak the same guy who left his super-secret iPhone 4 prototype in a bar? LOL! 😂

Where were you on Friday afternoon, June 29, 2007? If you were standing in an Apple Store line, as I was, you know first-hand the impression the revolutionary iPhone made on you that evening. I sure did. The Apple impact has been nothing short of amazing.

Today, Apple shares reached an all-time high of $161, valuing the company at approximately $835 billion. A dramatic turnaround for a company that lost one-third of its revenues in 2001.

Due to the pre-mature release of HomePod software, we know that iPhone 8 will feature infrared face detection, SmartCamera 4K recording, plus a 5.8-inch (147 mm) OLED screen, all in about the same size as the smaller iPhone 7. And, together with iOS 11, it will instantly become the world’s largest augmented reality platform.

Future applications are limitless. As Apple CEO Tim Cook remarked, “I think AR is big and profound. This is one of those huge things that we’ll look back at and marvel at the start of it.” We will indeed.

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